What does it take to shop, pack, and distribute a bag?

Volunteer Shoppers
A team of volunteer shoppers go to Costco and Winco two or three times per month to load down carts.  They shop for hundreds of bags at a time.  It’s back breaking work.  Imagine lifting 48 cases of ravioli off the shelves, onto your cart, into your car, and then into our facility!   High fives of appreciation for this crew!

Volunteer Bagging Teams
The bagging team sets up banquet tables with tubs of food.  The food is the same every week to keep the program simple.  Church groups, Rotary Clubs, High School Students and other community members often join in to help bag the food.

Bagging Party 2

Volunteer Delivery Drivers
Our volunteer delivery teams branch out to take the food to area middle and high schools.  This is another tough job.

School counselors and health room aides privately distribute the backpacks to students.

At Homeless Backpacks all students are anonymous to the volunteer crew.

Homeless Backpacks also gives students gift cards to local grocery stores winter and spring break.

All graduating seniors are given a a special gift from Homeless Backpacks – their reward for staying in school.

We want all students to succeed in life and in school.

All Kids Win!

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